Qubies – Ice Cube Tray with lid

No doubt – fresh is the best.

However, how much time will you be able to spend in the kitchen everyday to prepare food for the baby?

Of course, as parents, we always want to provide the best for our kids.  At time, we have to spend our time wisely.

Headaches when you have to think of what to cook and too little portion for a meal to prepare?  MamaLavie.com is now having a solution for you.

Introducing the Qubies from Australia.  Designed by a mummy in Australia, Qubies has been receiving good feedback since their launch in year 2007.  Lots of mummies use the product to prepare food for their babies and even food for adult in portion.  Example includes lime juice, lemon juice, dessert in portion for the diabetes conscious or high blood sugar concern.   Having featured in several magazines in Singapore, Qubies comes in a weight of about 150 gram, there will be 8 portions, each in 30 ml.

What’s more, there are also recipes shared by hands-on mummies.  Check it out. 🙂

For a limited period of time, exclusively only for MamaLavie new product promotion,  Facebook fan of MamaLavie enjoys a 10% discount of Qubies.

For more details, check out the video below:

Qubies Upside Down Ice Cube Tray
Click here to purchase – Blue
Qubies Upside Down Ice Cube Tray
Click here to purchase – Lime


About Natalie

Natalie is the mums of 3 boys. She is an advocate of breastfeeding and loves everything organic. She has difficulty in pronouncing chemical term, so she will try her best not to prepare food for her family using ingredients that contain(s) name(s) which she cannot pronounce. She is also the founder of MamaLavie.com, an one stop online baby shop and the exclusive distributor of Gumigem teething jewellery/toys in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.