How I Survived Breastfeeding for Over Two Years (and Counting)

1. It is not about money,money.

Save the money for the milk powder and use them for your dinner celebration of your wedding anniversary (if you have a trustworthy baby sitter)

2. The reason of me getting into bed the same time my baby would like to.

Yes, a very good reason to get you into the bed early if you master the skill of co-sleeping safely.  Housework? No, it is ok to just close one eye. 😉 Once you master the skill of side-lying position, you feel like you have already mastered the art of breastfeeding.  A word of caution though, check out the safety tips of co-sleeping before you do the side-lying position for night time, in case you doze off.  Do the side-lying position only when you feel more comfortable or when the baby is older.

3. Save the trouble of bringing hot water, flask, waking up (husband) or self to make the milk during the midnight.

Outing? Shopping trip? You will just need to bring the diaper and baby wipes.  Pack the diaper bag in less than 10 minutes and you are good to go.

4. You have one more thing to brag about in your motherhood journey.

Need any further explanation?

5. Another good reason for buying new (nursing) clothes.

This should be the top 1 reason to breastfeed for every mother. 🙂

6. Housework.

This will be a very good excuse reason to get the husband to do the housework for you while the baby is crying for milk ()().

7. Natural (human) pacifier.

If the baby cries, irregardless of any reason, this will be the fastest natural available (human) pacifier to calm him/her down.

8. Ignore all the negative comment.

“You will be tired to breastfeed the baby yourself.”

“You are not giving enough nutrient the baby needs.”

“The baby is not eating enough.”

Please ignore the above comment and similar, trust me, I heard all kinds of comments through out the years, time will prove that the baby is getting what he/she needs.

9. You are almost certain that your baby will be smarter healthier.

Let’s not get into debate on the smart matter, but I am sure that every mother wants to get the best for their kids.  Breast milk will be one of them.

10. Diet.

Eat in moderation.  No coffee, reduce caffeine, less sugary drink.  Other than that, I eat almost everything as usual.  The key word is moderation.

11. Get a teether or teething jewelry to entertain the little hands.

Make yourself looks as glamorous as before, do not allow yourself to go out looking (smelling) like a milk bottle.  Dress up and get a teething necklace even if you are just going for grocery shopping with the baby.

Gumigem Teething Necklace
Gumigem Teething Necklace


About Natalie

Natalie is the mums of 3 boys. She is an advocate of breastfeeding and loves everything organic. She has difficulty in pronouncing chemical term, so she will try her best not to prepare food for her family using ingredients that contain(s) name(s) which she cannot pronounce. She is also the founder of, an one stop online baby shop and the exclusive distributor of Gumigem teething jewellery/toys in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia.