How to Put Together the Perfect Baby Shower Hamper

Practical, beautiful, useful – what every baby shower hamper should be like, both for the baby and the mommy. One of the most common baby shower gifts florists Singapore offers is the old school gift that everyone loves to receive, the baby shower hamper, if the content of the hamper is right. Avoid giving a hamper with oversize diapers, and baby clothes that the bundle of joy won’t be able to wear for three more years. Fill up the hamper with little trinkets that are going make the first days with a newborn carefree.

​Baby Body Care


There’s nothing quite as gentle and beautiful as baby’s skin. We all crave to have skin soft as a baby’s bum, but it’s gentle and sensitive, so every mom needs everything to keep it smooth and rash free. Include everything from baby lotion to keep baby’s skin as smooth as, well, a baby, to baby oil, baby shampoo, baby powder and diaper rash ointment.


Mommy Body Care


Mommies need body care too, because it’s essential that moms feel just as fresh as a baby. If you’re able to, make sure to include a nipple cream, anti stretchmark cream, body scrub, a hand cream a deodorant, body lotion, chapstick oh and women’s best friend – dry shampoo.


Baby Fashion


Who doesn’t love to see a fashionable baby? And for that a baby needs onesies, baby booties, baby socks, scratch mittens, baby sunhat or a beanie, depending on the season and plenty of baby socks.


Mommy Fashion

Nursing bras, T-shirts and flowy sweatshirts that cover up the belly, flowy dresses or long sweaters and cardigans are all great choices. Since most moms-to-be usually go for an old T-shirt and baggy sweats instead of their PJs, make her nighttime routine just a little bit more fashionable, so that she feels beautiful when she goes to sleep, with a pair of cotton pyjamas.


Now, let’s move on to the true practicalities, such as:


Teething toys, rubber duckies for a pleasant and fun bath time, rattles, baby spoons, books for the bath, baby bibs for a cleaner feeding time, baby thermometer, wash clothes, baby bathing sponge etc.


And, let’s not forget, every mommy desperately needs some pampering which is why it’s always a good idea to include a voucher for a mani/pedi or a visit to the hair salon for a fresh cut, a massage appointment, or a voucher for a babysitter.


Hampers don’t have to be complicated, and it really doesn’t matter if the contents of it is too original. The thought behind the hamper is what counts. This dual basket is going to show just how much you care about their well being, and that’s the sign of a great hamper.

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