How to Put Together the Perfect Baby Shower Hamper

Practical, beautiful, useful - what every baby shower hamper should be like, both for the baby and the mommy. One of the most common baby shower gifts florists Singapore offers is the old school gift that everyone loves to receive, the baby shower hamper, if the content of the hamper is right. Avoid giving a hamper with oversize diapers, and baby clothes that the bundle of joy won’t be able to wear for three more years. Fill up the hamper with little trinkets that are going make the first days w...

10 Tips for Breast Feeding Mum

The world health organization recommends all mums/mums-to-be to exclusively breastfeed baby up to 6 months of age, and to continue breastfeeding along with appropriate complementary foods up to two years of age or beyond. There are many benefits of breastfeeding and we never doubt about it.  Whether you are planning to start or have already started breastfeeding, below are some of the tips we would like to share with all breastfeeding mums. Here they are: 1. Get plenty of rest - wheneve...

How I Survived Breastfeeding for Over Two Years (and Counting)

Gumigem Teething Necklace
1. It is not about money,money. Save the money for the milk powder and use them for your dinner celebration of your wedding anniversary (if you have a trustworthy baby sitter) 2. The reason of me getting into bed the same time my baby would like to. Yes, a very good reason to get you into the bed early if you master the skill of co-sleeping safely.  Housework? No, it is ok to just close one eye. ;) Once you master the skill of side-lying position, you feel like you have already mastered...

Chinese New Year Special Giveaway and Review of Gumigem Teething Jewellery

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We have a new review done by the CherieLadie. She has two lovely boys and still able to juggle well between work and home. Giveaway and coupon code are up for grab at her blog.  Follow this link or check out the rafflecopter widget below.  Prizes include Gumigem teething jewellery for your teething kids and S$10 voucher, in addition, we are also giving our readers 15% discount code just for the Chinese New Year! Don't forget to like all the facebook pages mentioned. a Rafflecopter g...